Distributed Simulation


Many of the greatest challenges facing society involve massively complex systems of systems. Areas such as climate change and ocean acidification, economic modeling, cyber-security and pharmaceuticals require the modeling of dynamic information and complex inter-dependencies. These type of models require distributed simulation systems because of their size and complexity. With many interrelated processes and many uncertainties a systems of systems approach is warranted.

Using xGraph a complex simulation system can be decomposed into smaller tractable units forming a hierarchical system. These individual models can be discrete nodes within the executable graph or a group of nodes within a tree structure. Each individual node would receive messages within its local node environment and among other more distance nodes as appropriate.

The xGraph simulation environment is a modern extension of the current general purpose distributed computer simulation system called HLA (High Level Architecture) The advantage of xGraph is the direct coupling of the model, data and the run-time infrastructure in one framework rather than the federated approach of combing HLA with a run-time infrastructure manager.