Grid Architecture

New grid architecture promotes renewable energy

With world demand for electricity is rising and concern about greenhouse gas emissions, there is a growing focus on renewable energy and incorporating these new energy sources into the electrical grid efficiently. The Department of Energy is concerned that with increased levels of distributed energy spread through the grid the grid will become more fragile. They are embarking on a major grid modernization effort to improve the resiliency, reliability and security of the electrical grid.

Introspective Systems is working on transitioning the legacy electrical grid from its current proprietary communications platforms to a vision of a framework architecture that can maintain flexibility at multiple levels. This framework will take advantage of the promise of the “internet of Things” while still interface with older technologies effectively.

Working with the Department of Energy and private companies both in Maine and Hawaii we are developing electrical distribution systems composed of collaborating nodes organized as a fractal hierarchy or as we call it fractal analytics. The method uses lessons in complexity theory and autonomic systems to product an electrical system that is:

  • self-configuring
  • self-healing
  • self-optimizing
  • self-protecting