Internet of Things


There are many definitions for the Internet of Things (IoT). We believe that the technology is an example of a class of cyber-physical systems. IoT is the network of physical devices that are embedded with sensors, software and network connectivity. Soon their will be 50 billion devices in the world that will have the potential to be connected to each other and Introspective Systems is working on ways to manage them.

As Internet access becomes more ubiquitous and hardware ever more compact and affordable, people are connecting everything from watches to rhinoceroses to the web, and those things are generating massive amounts of data. The diversity of the potential applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) is astounding. Vertical market opportunities for connected devices will span the transportation, manufacturing, retail, energy, entertainment, education and healthcare industries. Experts predict that in time, these vertical market products will start interacting with each other, and a larger ‘horizontal’ network will begin to form.

Many companies see the IoT simply as a big data problem where the sensors will communicate over the Internet with cloud services where analytics will be performed. Many see the Internet of Things as a data play where the off shoot of this data deluge will be new market and business insight so more products can be sold.

Many use cases however are not about collecting data but using the devices for automation purposes. The interconnection of these embedded devices brings an entire new problem set including communications, scaling, security and management hurdles. We are using xGraph and its unique fractal analytics and scaling capabilities to tackle some of these problems.

We are currently working on projects in managing smart buildings, electrical grids M2M automation and Health IoT.