Medical Diagnostics


Medical Diagnostics is one of the most complex fields of science. Some technologies incorporated in xGraph were first tested and developed by Dr. Caryl Johnson and her team in the medical field. She created and managed an elite software, science, and algorithm team that developed fundamental technologies for diagnosing cervical cancer. They used hyper-spectral and multi-spectral imaging big data with multi-modal sensor fusion to give doctors new ways of identifying and diagnosing cancer. During the effort they also developed ideas about how to manage big data including SIAM–Scientific Information Asset Manager. These ideas since highly evolved into the highly integrated method that xGraph manages data and making it accessible across domains.

Just recently, Introspective Systems was asked by one of our partners to develop an Electronic Clinical Quality Measurement (eCQM) tool for analyzing real-time patient data to help doctors comply with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) quality requirements. We used xGraph in a unique way and replaced a Relational database where the data and the analytics lived in the same graph structure better matching the structure of the problem. This increased performance by a factor of 10 and is allowing our business partner to provide real-time quality reporting to doctors.

We are working with multiple partners at different aspects of managing Health care costs. The medical field is looking for solutions to deliver higher quality and less expensive medical care. Introspective is using lessons learned in managing big data to help doctors determine the right questions and tests that will most effectively diagnose disease quickly. We are working with these thought leaders in the medical field to apply xGraph’s ability to deploy Artificial Intelligence and Bayesian statistics to solve this important problem.