Smart Cities, Buildings and Homes


As digital technology becomes more ubiquitous the concepts embodied by the Internet of Things our cities, buildings and homes will become more complex and interconnected than ever before. Many of these systems involve machine-to-machine communications, but the software to manage and control them is hampered by proprietary communications and algorithms. Current modern methods have to deal with data overload, privacy, infrastructure complexity and security vulnerabilities.

We are using our experience and proven success to solve these problems. We are using xGraph’s capabilities to distribute data and analytics throughout the system and put intelligence to the network edge.

Our architecture is built around the idea of “think globally, act locally” and is manifested by xGraph’s implementation of fractal analytics. Fractal analytics allows well-defined areas of local control that collaborate as units to meet global needs. This process limits the amount of data transfers, lowers infrastructure and algorithm complexity and increases security resilience.