Why Now?

The trends mentioned have a important characteristic in that they are all highly dynamic ‘systems of systems’ that interact in new and more complex ways with billions of new interconnected computer devices using large and intelligent networked systems like the electrical grid or smart cities. These unique characteristics that have not been encountered before by computer scientists. These include:

  • Massive Decision Spaces
  • High volume/velocity Streaming Data
  • Low System Latencies
  • Computational Diversity of Data and Analytics

Many of these new problems are manifesting themselves at the edge of the network where the capabilities of the supercomputers of yesterday can be found in our pockets. The trend will soon be more important than cloud computing was yesterday, and edge intelligence will soon eat the cloud and the old way of doing things. xGraph embraces this new computing environment and is an agile micro-services platform for distributed intelligent systems able help developers, engineers and scientists manage these new highly distributed and complex interconnected problems.

We are working with companies across market sectors to manage these types of complex problems while developing an open source community to bring the technology to the broader market and research institutions. We have active projects in

  • Geophysics
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Cities and Buildings
  • Electrical Grid controls
  • Energy and Natural Resource Analytics

Lets work on your complex problem together.