Computing and communications have advanced by orders of magnitudes, as have the software and systems architectures been designed to leverage the ever-increasing size, scope, and –– most of all –– complexity. Steven Hawking has declared this the complexity century; this is playing out right now at the intersection of the Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, UAVs, and ubiquitous computing power. Each solved problem reveals a new even thornier level of complexity. Introspective Systems scientists are using an advanced computer architecture and tool-sets to make these complex systems of systems problems simple



Seismic Network

The xGraph cut its teeth in the world of Geophysics. The USGS’ National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) has used Introspective’s technology to process seismic data since the 80’s.


Medical Diagnostics

Some technologies incorporated in xGraph were first tested and developed by Dr. Johnson and team in the medical field and evolved into the highly integrated method that xGraph manages data.


Situational Awareness

One of the biggest data sets is image reconnaissance for the US military. BAE Systems used the predecessor to xGraph to mange the collection and computer processing of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) image data.


Internet of Things

The interconnection of IoT devices brings an entire new problem set including communications, scaling, security and management hurdles. We are using xGraph and its unique fractal analytics and scaling capabilities to tackle some of these problems.


Smart Cities, Buildings and Homes

We are using our experience and proven success by using xGraph’s capabilities to distribute data and analytics throughout the system and put intelligence to the network edge. Our architecture is built around the idea of “think globally, act locally” and is manifested by xGraph’s implementation of fractal analytics.


Grid Architecture

Introspective Systems is working on transitioning the legacy electrical grid from its current proprietary communications platforms to a vision of a framework architecture that can maintain flexibility and robustness at multiple levels.


Energy and Natural Resource Analytics

The xGraph framework is used to apply leading edge decision and data science to Energy and Natural resource problems. Users manage investment decisions in the context of economic risk and subsurface uncertainty in the management natural resources.



Distributed Simulation

Areas such as climate change and ocean acidification, economic modeling, cyber-security and pharmaceuticals require the modeling of dynamic information and complex inter-dependencies. These complex distributed simulation systems are a prime use for xGraph.



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